Walk to the Edge

Interactive Innovation: Creativity for Business and Business for Creativity



Welcome to Walk to the Edge, the interactive innovation network. Our website is currently under construction, so here's a little food for thought to get you started.


Let me introduce myself, I'm Bob Shipway and I help people walk to the edge of their creativity and innovation comfort zones. I then support them to take their first steps into the unknown. I'm also passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences on how to develop individuals, teams, and organisations to be more creative, and provide them with tools and techniques to be innovative. When I add my skills and knowledge to my network of creatives, innovators, associates, consultants, contacts, and friends, I become we.


We help you find creative innovative solutions to your specific problems. We can also develop innovative strategies and implementation plans to imbed creativity and innovation into your culture.


We will provide tailor made, focused offerings, to support your needs. These offerings will be based on the 12 factors of creativity, a wide range of tools and techniques, and the sharing of our network's experiences.




As this is a holding page whilst the site is under construction, please contact me and I will be happy to chat about what we

can do and how it may benefit you:


+44 (0) 7917 413987


or email at:




For general enquires email: info@wtte-innovation.com